Honor Guard E-Series Freightliner Transit Bus E-Series Paratransit E-Series Executive Limo
Open Air Paratransit F-Series Transit Bus F-Series Convertible Luggage


In this first picture you will se our fiberglass running boards. Though, we want to take a look inside this limozine, which flaunts just some of the abilities of Elkhart Custom Designs. Custom seat colors from the cab to the passenger compartment. This unit has two small coolers located in customer defined positions within the passenger compartment and a third cooler + trash can combo in the copilot area. The pit group features armrests with cupholders, cupholders located behind the seats, a rear wall T.V., DVD player, and audio controls, as well as USB charging ports and a 10" subwoofer located in the seats. All of this and still room for a rear luggage area!

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