Honor Guard E-Series Freightliner Transit Bus E-Series Executive Limo
Open Air Paratransit F-Series Transit Bus Custom E-Series Limo F-Series Convertable Luggage


This is an E-Series Paratransit Bus. This one in particular utilizes our gull wing wheelchair door with a standard wheelchair lift and sure-lok tie downs. The fold away seats featured in the handicap area give the user full use of the bus when not accompanied by a special needs passenger. We offer other variations such as standard double out doors, slide-n-click tiedowns, and flat floors. Lifts have been done directly out the back wall and on larger units these lifts can be placed near the front of the bus. With rear luggage options and your choice of seat layout this could be your next "one size fits all" bus.

Here is a bus that was made to be a mobile blood donor unit. Featuring a wheelchair lift directly out the back wall of the bus with a gull wing door leading to an 11' luggage area. Specialy placed L-track in the walls and floor will be used to secure the equipment used by the blood collectors. This bus has a small, office like passenger area to house the employees between donation stops, with a full sized wood door access to the luggage area.

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