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This is our mission statement at Elkhart Custom Designs (A.K.A. Elkhart Bus). We follow these rules every day as we drive to provide our customers the best customized busses, trucks, and limousines in the industry. We pride ourselves in taking the time to build a vehicle that comes free of creaks, squeaks, and rattles. We believe a bus should not be a consistant maintinence project but a finely tuned vehicle bought fresh off of the lot. Contact us today and let us help you build the Ford E-350 or 450, F-550, or M2-106 Freightliner vehicle you need, exactly the way you want it!

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     At Elkhart Custom Designs, customers are treated not as a number, but as a business partner. Customer input and involvement is the most important part of our effort to provide exactly what the customer needs, the best quality conversions, at unbeatable prices. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience and knowledge. The owners, Brett Hostetter and Bruce Loucks, have been the front tier of luxury bus, truck, and limousine designs for over 30 years at their previous company who was a leader in the industry until their departure. With that knowledge we offer extreme customizations that no other manufaturer can match. Customizing everything from basic interior and graphics to advanced electronics and specialty requests. We strive more and more each day to cater to your spacific needs. Between January and Feburary 2016 we have retail sold 14 units before the customer saw the bus or even a photo! This is a real testimonial to the reputation earned over 15 years of building top quality innovative buses. If thats not good enough, here are some real customer testimonials.

"We had our first Garden scenic ride in the new bus today and it is AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! It’s a great smooth ride, nice and open feel, and a working sound system. We joked that we felt like we should be sipping champagne and eating shrimp cocktails along the way.
~Pine Run Retirement Community

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